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Twin Cities Business - 2011
January - Values Added
If students lack ethics in high school and college, then there should be little surprise if they lack ethics in their careers.
February - Should Management Be a Profession?
Running a business isn't like performing surgery or writing legal contracts, which require deep expertise in a single subject.
March - Pin the Tail on the Donkey
The narrower our definition of failure, the less chance there is that we'll fail. Include in your definition the failure to create value.
April - Our LOSS (Lack-of-Service Society)
Market share is hard to win, but the customer service functions that can maintain that share are often relegated carelessly to low-level employees. Don't let the push for cost savings make your customers feel that you take them for granted.
May - The Chief "Effective" Officer
The CEO's job is about you serving your organization, not your organization serving you.
June - Don't Cry over Spilled Coffee
Too many of us learn how to assign blame elsewhere in order to keep our jobs, get promoted, and land raises and bonuses. Instead, organizations that learn to identify, fix, and learn from their mistakes will succeed.
July - The High Cost of Low Trust
Companies with high trust levels generated returns to shareholders at almost 300 percent the return of companies with low levels of trust. For those organizations that "get it", nothing generates more profit than the economics of trust.
August - Too Busy to Lead
Do you ever wonder "Why me?" when things don't get done or you're the last one left to fix a problem? Maybe you should recognize it's up to you to cure the Insanity Syndrome in your organization and stop being too busy to lead.
September - Life After the Corner Office
Leaving the corner office will happen someday --- maybe sooner than you think --- but the transition will be much smoother if you measure your self-worth with a life-sized yardstick starting now.
October - Much Ado About Nothing!
Business leaders need to be the calm in the economic storm for the benefit of all of the companies' stakeholders --- their employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.
November - Monster in the Closet
Don't give up on this year yet! Overcome fear and anxiety and defeat the monster of complacency by leading with the right attitude and positive leadership.
December - The Downside of Brownnosing
It's easy to poke fun at brownnosers, but let's be honest with ourselves. Know the difference between being a positive team member focused on being effective, versus being a self-seeker attempting to be popular with influential people.
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