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Twin Cities Business - 2013
January - Learning from the SEAL Mission
Lessons from a SEAL mission about the relationship between strategy and execution.
February - What's In It for Me?
We need more leaders in politics, business, religious organizations, schools, and in the home to model ethical behavior and provide encouragement, discipline, acceptance and love, as well as the value of duty to others
March - Do You Make Your Customers Hate You?
Policies that put the focus on your company's needs, rather than customers, turn off your customers and are never good for business.
April - The Seven Habits of Highly Mediocre People
Bad organizational habits can become contagious conditions. The antidote is called accountability --- it just takes courage to insist on it.
May - Have No Fear, the Underdogs are Here!
Using the underdog effect can be an motivating way to lead organizations to becoming a top dog.
June - Creating Buoyant Organizations
Lessons from lifeguards about knowing risks before jumping in to save a drowning organization.
July - Lessons From My Night With The Cops
What business leaders can learn from law enforcement.
August - We're Losing the Jobs War
Lack of vision and lackluster leadership is causing America to fall behind in the war for jobs.
September -Disengaged Employees: The New Normal
Workers who don't care will eat up your profits. If you care enough to do something about it, your customers will thank you for it.
October - Fearing, or Learning, from Failure
Fear of failure can become a destructive part of corporate culture, and if you exhibit this fear, your employees will see it and lose confidence in you and your vision of the future. Rather, have the courage to learn from failure and foster and environment that encourages people to do so.
November - Stress - the Silent Killer
A certain amount of stress is necessary to push us to perform at a high level, but too many executives let stress push them past the tipping point.
December - Strategy: Don't Become BlackBerry
Challenge your assumptions upon which your strategy is grounded so that you don't become out-of-date.
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