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Twin Cities Business 2015
January - Myths of Investor Communications
Busting communications myths that may be holding you back from productive relationships with your investors
February - Leadership: The Foundation of Strategy
Failing to evaluate leadership's capabilities before launching new strategies is simply setting up the strategic plan for failure. Leadership is the real difference between dreaming about capitalizing on exciting opportunities and actually reaching their promised potential.
March - The Best Leader: Superman or Clark Kent?
Most of us separate personal health goals from our career goals, but a recent study suggests that the two are related. It seems that we really would rather have Superman lead us than Clark Kent, based solely on looks.
April - Digging a Little Deeper
Engaged leaders and employees truly care about customers instead of going through the motions.
May - How Much Does Character Matter?
The first major study proves a measurable and significant return.
June - Stupidity Is Clear; Genius Is Hidden
We are quick to recognize the stupidity in other people's work, but often fail to see the stupid things we are doing ourselves. Learn to recognize your own shortcomings and to look for genius in others.
July - Want to Scale the C-Level Mountain, Huh?
Perhaps the most surprising aspect of a new C-level job is the personal sacrifice and mental toil it requires. It really is lonely at the top.
August - Strategy Isn't the Silver Bullet
Strategy is often hailed as the elixir to cure all problems, but you need to also make sure your organization's culture is healthy, vibrant and aligned to support implementation of your strategies.
September - Rehumanizing the Organization
The treatment of people as costs instead of important resources results in employees who go home every night feeling like they have no purpose or value. Instead, believe that the most rewarding aspect of leadership is knowing that you are able to make people feel valued and important.
October - The Chief 'Execution' Officer
There's so much at stake in our constantly changing business environment that leaders must get involved and understand the details.
November - Masqueraded Leadership
Bill George's latest book, Discover Your True North, aims at the leadership issues that plague our country today and has hit that target with remarkable accuracy.
December - Lessons from VW's Deceptive Culture
VW was led by Ferdinand Piech, a dictatorial leader who dominated an insular governing board made of executives from within the ranks or with ties to the Porsche family.
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