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Twin Cities Business - 2010
January - Horse Sense Governance
The effectiveness of a board of directors is determined by the character of its members who trust their instincts, exercise independent leadership, and insist on the highest ethical standards.
February - Surviving Being Right
There are effective ways to have your voice heard so that you win not only the battle, but also the war
March - Customers First!
Putting "shareholder value" ahead of customer service is a long-term losing strategy.
April - Customer Experience = Marketing
Only your target customers can tell you what you really need to know.
May - Anticipating the Unimaginable
We were too ready to believe that our economy was far too solidly built to be sunk. And too many companies still don't ask, "What if?"
June - When the CEO's Gotta Go
CEO turnover now matches the normal attrition rate for all employees, and there's always two sides in the debate surrounding CEO turnover.
July - A Capitalist Jeremiad
As a result of the corruption and greed in our businesses, our leaders have lost the right to be called "leaders".
August - R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means to Me
Learning how to communicate will greatly benefit Millennials and Boomers in the workplace.
September - Breaching Psychological Contracts
In my experience, most boards of directors and business leaders don't fully comprehend the huge emotional impact that organizational downsizing has on both the outplaced employees and those who remain within the organization.
October - Pitfalls of a "Hurd" Mentality
Hewlett-Packard's board’s actions and Mark Hurd’s resignation present an opportunity to examine our bottom-line beliefs about the role of a CEO.

December - Innovation = Jobs
Unemployment is a complex problem that will require complex solutions, but the best strategy is to focus on new ideas.

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