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Twin Cities Business - 2009
January - Leading in Crisis
This recession is separating the wheat from the chaff to reveal which business leaders are made of the right stuff, and being a positive, energizing force for your company is one of the most important behaviors for business leaders in a crisis.
February - Survival Through Service
The same old lousy, careless attitude toward customers won't work if you want to survive a recession.
March - Chameleon Leadership
Just as chameleons change their skin color, business leaders must change their leadership styles in response to their business environment. The leadership style that is requisite for managing a healthy, growing business is not the same as what's needed to lead during a crisis.
April - Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Banks are caught between a rock and a hard place ... pressured to stimulate the economy by extending credit through the TARP program while being aggressively regulated to not give credit to high-risk customers.
May - Surviving Illiquidity
Business leaders need to employ creative ways to finance their operations through internally generated cash flow.
June - Winning With Strategic Options
The best time to explore and assess strategic options is when the company is performing well, not when you are forced to make decisions in a crisis.
July - Dumb and Dumber Executive Pay
Who should get the blame for excessive executive compensation: CEOs or the board of directors?
August - Dr. Mark on Egomaniacs
A common denominator that seems to cause the greatest destruction in business is the leader with a larger-than-life ego.
September - Governance or Government?
The failure of corporate leaders to properly regulate themselves threatens the feasibility of a free-market society.

October - Welcome Back, Humility
When Materialism, Greed, and Excess were our friends, our business culture glorified high-powered, ego-driven, status-conscious CEOs. Thank goodness our old friend Humility has waited for us to return.

November - Crisis as Change Agent
Today's best leaders are seizing the present sense of urgency in the current recessionary crisis to implement positive changes.
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