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Twin Cities Business - 2012
January - Under Attack: Responsibility
The first in a three-part series telling real stories of business leaders facing ethical dilemmas. This month asks: Is is acceptable to put your business at risk in the name of ethics?
February - Under Attack: Trust
The second in a three-part series featuring real stories of business leaders confronted with ethical dilemmas. This month asks: Is there a difference between being trusted and being trustworthy?
March - Under Attack: Honesty
The last of a three-part series conveying actual stories of business leaders dealing with ethical dilemmas. This month illustrates that prison time is a real consequence of dishonesty.
April - Culture Eats Strategy ...
or feeds it. Because culture either supports or kills strategy implementation, it's one of the most important factors to nurture for sustainable, long-term success..
May - A Fish Rots From the Head
In theory, there really is no excuse for any business to fail. So why do they? Start at the top.
June - The Profit Addition
Short-termitis is destroying American business, and we must collectively acknowledge the need for change and act decisively.
July - Role Models or Road Apples?
In today's society, many so-called role models are celebrities and accomplished athletes who have failed to live up to the term.
August - All You Need is Love
Providing good service cannot be accomplished simply by listing it as a goal. Rather, you have to LOVE service and serving your customers.
September - Leader in the "Hood
When my friend Dr. John McKay Williams ("BJ") passed away July 8, our community lost a shining example of great leadership.
October - It's About Attitude
One contributing factors to success is whether or not your organization has a "can do" attitude. A positive approach goes a long way when obstacles loom or an unexpected disaster occurs.
November - A Higher Allegiance
Whether you vote for "blue" or "red" candidates, remember that in the end we are all red, white, and blue Americans living together in the greatest country on this beautiful planet.

December - Best Practices or 'Next Practices'?
Don't rest on your laurels, feeling assured that your business model will take you into the future. Rather, successful companies innovate, imagine, take risks, and invent "next practices".

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