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Twin Cities Business - 2008
January - A New Year; A Better Tomorrow
For most business leaders, the new year symbolizes a clean slate and a better tomorrow. Whatever you have planned for 2008, my wish is that you achieve it and that our world benefits from it...
February - Drilling for Human Capital Reserves
Vast reservoirs of human energy lie hidden beneath the surface of your organization. Tapping into the talent, knowledge, skills and relationships of your people is a great source of competitive advantage in today's marketplace.
March - Making Good on Good Intentions
I've learned that my dad was right: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. My greatest wish is for more business leaders to possess the leadership principles that people like Tony Dungy exhibit by making good on our good intentions, once and for all.
April - The Recession Battle
Preparing your business to survive a recession is similar to preparing for war. It takes dogged determiniation and grit, solid strategies and laser-beam concentration to achieve victory. Here are some strategies to help your company defend itself against a recession.
May - Branding Without the Iron
Branding is not what cowboys do with a hot iron to burn their ranch's mark on their cattle; it's a critical component of corporate strategy that successful businesses use to position their companies in the marketplace.
June - Hire Slow, Fire Fast
By making a conscious effort to hire carefully and fire quickly, directors can increase their odds of having the right executive in the corner office.
July - It's All About EBITDA (Duh!)
Having been in business for almost 40 years now as a manager, executive, and owner, I have come to realize the significance of the insignificance assigned to EBITDA. Rather, it is one of the most important metrics for measuring management’s performance, as well as a company’s true value.
August - Hug Your Way to Success
Successful businesses have to be successful in building customer relationships—and that fundamental fact will withstand the test of time. In this technological age, it’s a refreshing idea: Treat your customers as special individuals who are important to the success of your business.
September - Golf Lessons for Leaders
Golf legend Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course—the distance between your ears" and the same is true for business leadership.
October - Fried Executives
The time is ripe for high levels of CEO burnout, turnover, and exhaustion. Remembering that an ounce of prevenion is worth a pound of cure, it's good to review some burnout prevention measures.
November - Underdog Done Good
Achieving dreams takes persistence, determination, and sacrifice, as this underdog story from Minnesota shows.
December - Greedy Leadership No More!
Wealth has become the number-one idol in our society; greed permeates every aspect of our lives. The reckless behavior of a few business leaders has created a global situation. Where will it end?
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