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Restructuring Their Liabilities
Is your client overwhelmed with debt?

Distressed companies typically owe more, or expect to owe more, to their suppliers, creditors, and employees than what they can pay.

This is what causes stomach acid and sleepless nights, more than anything else, because there’s a very unsettling feeling associated with not being able to make payroll at the end of the week. If your client is in this situation, it’s time to get our expert turnaround professionals to intervene quickly.

The professionals at Manchester Companies know what to do to get the company back into alignment, whether it is converting current assets into cash to pay off short-term debt, restructuring trade creditor debt, negotiating new terms for long-term debt, a combination of the three, or other actions tailored to the client’s situation. Oftentimes, the need for restructuring liabilities is a symptom of bigger issues that require a turnaround plan, financing, and / or operational fixes. Whatever the range of issues, our clients get the expertise, experience, and success that they need.

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Case Studies

Learn more about our work by reading our selected case studies. Each story describes the client’s challenge, the scope of our engagement, our solutions, and the impact of our work.

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Working with Manchester

Our experience is unsurpassed, our creative solutions and approaches are unique, and our track record of success is exemplary.

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"Sheldahl would like to express our thanks to Manchester Companies, Inc. for what you have been able to help us accomplish during a particularly daunting time for the company. You walked into a myriad of difficult issues ranging from a severe cash shortage and the required consolidation of some of our facilities to the advisability of the company’s filing bankruptcy and the execution of a 363 sale. We are grateful for your team's guidance and support."

- Benoit Pouliquen
President and CEO

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