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Selling My Business
Time to cash out on your sweat equity?

Perhaps it’s time to move on to a new opportunity or retire to a slower-paced lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, business owners have a lot to consider when they want to sell their business --- the biggest question being what is it worth. They want to know what sales price other companies similar to theirs have recently sold for, who might be interested in buying their business, and what their involvement would be in the process. And ultimately, they want to know how long the transaction will take to close and how best to provide for their employees.

The professionals at Manchester Companies have provided investment banking advisory for hundreds of clients with similar concerns … and have an unparalleled track record of success in getting the maximum value for their clients. We provide clients with a valuation range of what to expect for a sale price, compile a list of potential strategic and financial buyers, create an Offering Memorandum, and contact potential buyers. Our investment bankers are experts at organizing the sales process in such a fashion as to increase interest among potential buyers and maximize the value of their bids, and have a long track record of success in negotiating and closing sales transactions.

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Case Studies

Learn more about our work by reading our selected case studies. Each story describes the client’s challenge, the scope of our engagement, our solutions, and the impact of our work.

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Working with Manchester

Our experience is unsurpassed, our creative solutions and approaches are unique, and our track record of success is exemplary.

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"Lastly, Mark, you and your associates provided sound counsel and strategic operating advice as Angeion managed through many difficult issues. Our results were better because we chose to work with Manchester."

- James B. Hickey, Jr.
(Former) CEO and Board member, Angeion Corporation

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