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Raising Additional Capital
Need more cash in your company’s coffers?

As companies grow and change, their capital needs change. What worked yesterday probably isn’t working today, and certainly won’t work tomorrow.

Raising capital involves many issues to consider in order to find the right answer. For example, what are the rates for different layers of debt or equity? What is the level of personal guarantee needed? How much of the company will you need to give up? How long will the transaction take, and can you get the money you need when you need it? What are the covenants on debt capital?

Our clients rely on our investment banking professionals to act like their outsourced corporate finance department. We get answers to these questions by contacting the large contact base of lenders and equity sponsors we have in our area. With our expert knowledge of the ins and outs of both debt and equity capital, we will negotiate the best terms available on the capital that will best suit the needs of our client’s operating plan. Our superb relationships ensure we match our clients with the capital partners that are in sync with their goals and values. And by letting us handle this work, our clients can go on doing what they do best --- managing their business.

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Case Studies

Learn more about our work by reading our selected case studies. Each story describes the client’s challenge, the scope of our engagement, our solutions, and the impact of our work.

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Working with Manchester

Our experience is unsurpassed, our creative solutions and approaches are unique, and our track record of success is exemplary.

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"During our relationship with Manchester Companies we utilized their expertise in finance, business development, marketing, operations and human resources.  They truly offered advice and guidance in the critical operational areas for any company."

- Rodney A. Young
(Former) Chairman, CEO & President, LecTec Corporation

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