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Increasing Productivity
What if you could eliminate waste, shrink lead times, reduce costs, and be more responsive to customers?

You’d certainly be on the road to increasing profits, too.

It’s difficult to make all the pieces that impact productivity fit together and work smoothly. Businesses are complex and dynamic systems that are expected to get a lot of things done smoothly every day. At the same time, the competitive stakes are being raised higher as companies are forced to move faster, be more efficient, and find fresh ways to differentiate themselves.

The professionals at Manchester Companies are dedicated to helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by increasing their productivity. We are known for providing successful solutions that help clients improve decision-making and internal controls, inventory management, supply chain management, production management, and overall organizational effectiveness. Our engagements and approaches are tailored to fit each client’s needs, ranging from performance assessments and diagnostics, business planning, market studies, sales and marketing effectiveness, and process re-engineering and operations improvement.

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Case Studies

Learn more about our work by reading our selected case studies. Each story describes the client’s challenge, the scope of our engagement, our solutions, and the impact of our work.

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Working with Manchester

Our experience is unsurpassed, our creative solutions and approaches are unique, and our track record of success is exemplary.

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"Manchester provided a unique and well-rounded complement of professionals. They worked hand-in-hand with the management team to drive the turnaround. By utilizing the collective experience of a full team of multi-disciplinary professionals, Manchester helped find the right solutions that resulted in extraordinary success."

- Bob Karrick
CEO, Tiro Industries

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