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Financing or Re-financing
Need a new loan to bridge some gaps?

Perhaps your financing structure hasn’t been able to support a new major strategy or internal growth isn’t providing enough operating equity.

Whatever the reason for trouble, one of the sure ways out of a nosedive is to obtain new financing or re-finance an existing loan with new terms. A new financing structure that better serves your needs will help put your company back on track.

Our clients rely on our investment banking professionals to be their outsourced corporate finance department. We can contact a large number of lenders with whom we have relationships and who we know will best fit our client’s needs. With our expert knowledge of the ins and outs of both distressed companies and financings, we will negotiate the best terms available and find the best solution to our client’s problems. That way, company management can focus on getting their business back on track instead of worrying about filling gaps in their financial statements.

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Case Studies

Learn more about our work by reading our selected case studies. Each story describes the client’s challenge, the scope of our engagement, our solutions, and the impact of our work.

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Working with Manchester

Our experience is unsurpassed, our creative solutions and approaches are unique, and our track record of success is exemplary.

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"I feel strongly that the Manchester team was genuinely committed, engaged and interested in our success on a personal level. We are confident our investment from your involvement is going to pay off for a long period of time."

- Thomas P. Huffman
President & CEO
Nickelson Plastics

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